Our Mobile Shelving allows you to move your shelving to your prefered location easier and helps with the constant restyling of the workplace or facility. We make sure that when we install our Mobile Shelving it is quick and efficient so that we do not disrupt your business.

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As leading UK suppliers of industrial racking systems and specialist mezzanine floor installations and shelving systems, WP Group has a complete range of equipment for you to choose from, suiting the specific requirements of any industrial environment.

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Mobile shelving is a popular solution, here at WP Group. Get all the information you require here!



In the office or warehouse, it’s important to use all available storage space effectively – and mobile shelving allows you to do this.

Different from traditional shelving, a mobile rack or shelf is ideal for environments where there is limited space available – great for creating storage in confined areas and ensuring it’s both functional and cost-effective.

Using either a hand operated (or electrical motor) mechanism, specially built mobile shelving units can be opened up to create an aisle. This allows you to access goods easy yet saves wasted floor space on multiple aisles that aren’t in use.

Installed at facilities and businesses all over the UK, our mobile shelving is highly adaptable – perfect for:

  • Libraries & Record Archives
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Museums
  • Warehouses


Benefits of mobile shelving:

There are many ways you can benefit from mobile shelving – the key one being space efficiency. A mobile rack can increase storage capacity by 100% and also reduce your storage footprint by 50%. This is especially useful when storing large volumes of slow moving goods, which do not need to be accessed frequently.

It allows you to keep your materials organised and in easy reach for whenever you need them. Effectively improving productivity and making things a whole lot easier for your workforce.

Mobile shelving units are also designed to be safe and secure – requiring minimal physical effort and ensuring the safety of those using it.

Other benefits of mobile shelving unit:

  • create extra storage space
  • modified to suit available space
  • high security
  • easy to install
  • cost-effective


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Why not maximise floorspace with innovative, highly efficient mobile shelving today? With more than 20 years’ experience, the team at WP Group can help you to decide on the best storage solution for your requirements.

For more information about mobile shelving and the units we supply, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 01706 875 500. If you’d like to receive a no obligation quote, please provide us with as much information as possible and we will get back to you with an accurate price – ready to arrange site visits.

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